Why Join Us

  • We are entrepreneurial at heart and we have are adventurous history
  • We have experienced growth every year on average for last Year
  • We operate more than distributor and Dealers in all over Asia pacific
  • We have a dynamic portfolio of brands and are either no 1 or 2 in all our critical market
  • The most important thing for us is our relationship, both internally and externally
  • We offer adventure, excitement and a dynamic future for the ambitious and committed
  • We recognize high achievers, giving them responsibilities that reflect their skill set and enthusiasm
  • We get involved with events, sponsorship, sports, concerts advertising & promotions
  • We have a passion for winning an ethos of teamwork, respect for one other and commitment to personal growth
  • We are a leading company in Asia pacific region and we make all our decisions here

Our Community

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We encourage you to join our organization and make our industry even stronger.