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Highly Alkaline Degreaser


Polyklin AK is a scientific blend of emulsifier, alkaline organic solvent, to penetrate and dissolve the heavy dirt, oil and grimy deposit on metallic surface, it is very useful on oily component & machinery and equipment, motors, parts and tools, oil tank and pipelines, etc. Polyklin AK penetrates deep under the oily/ greasy & dirt surface. It weakens the bonding force between the molecules of oil/ grease & dirt, which ultimately results in removal of deposits. This removed deposit tends to float on the surface that can be easily reins with water or wipe out with cotton waste. This removed deposit looses its property to adhere to the surface. It does not adhere to the sewage pipeline, or filters in STP.

Recommended Use


? Non-carcinogenic. ? Non corrosive. ? Non flammable. ? Non-irritating. ? Does not contain any corrosive acids & alkalis like HCI, sulphamic or caustic etc. ? Totally Biodegradable, environment friendly. ? Oil tank, pipeline cleaning, ? General Industrial component cleaning, ? Kitchen platform, utensils, hoods, filters & chimneys etc.


Polyklin AK is available in packs of 50ltrs & 200 ltrs POLYCARBOYS

Material Safety Data Sheet