Oil & Greases Cleaner Through Ultrasonic/Pressure Washing /Normal Tank


ENIKLIN is a special liquid inhibited ,water based pre-soaked alkaline cleaner for frictionless cleaning systems.ENIKLIN is specially designed to clean effectively oil and grease from ferrous ,non –ferrous component and surfaces. Its quick action make loosens , and helps to remove oil ,grease film and grime. ENIKLIN is also used for many other industrial cleaning like grease remover,spot remover,Aluminum and alloye cleaner and all-purpose pressure washing detergent etc.

Recommended Use


• Environment Friendly • Rubbing less • Emulsify oil & grease. • Non-carcinogenic • Citrus fragrance • Etching Less cleaning • Biodergrable


ENIKLIN is available in 50 & 212 Liter Plastic Drum.

Material Safety Data Sheet