Solvent Degreaser


Paramount - SD degreasers is a high powered natural solvents and biodegradable cleaners designed for the removal of oils, greases, waxes and adhesives at a variety of temperatures in a wide range of industrial applications.

Recommended Use

Solvent degreasing is a process in which a cleaning agent is applied directly to the surface by spraying, brushing, or wiping. This process removes oil, grease, dirt, loose particles, and any other contaminants that may exist on the surface of the material. The part is immersed in a tank of solvent and usually agitated like a washing machine for clothes to get all of the contaminant off. It is then hung on a rack over the tank to allow drying.[2] This is not to be confused with pickling, during which the part would be soaked in the bath for an extended period of time. This operation covers a relatively short period and doesn't clean as deeply as pickling. Soaking is typically the most common application of this process. The material is left to soak until all the dirt or contaminates are removed from the surface. However, the work piece may also be sprayed or have solvent directly whipped on it. These two applications are typically used for spot cleaning


The emissions are reduced when compared with vapor degreasing operations. Not as much venting is required, so it is easier to quickly set up a small degreasing operation. Liquid solvents are safer to deal with than vapor degreasing agents.


50 & 200 Ltr. Plastic Drum.

Material Safety Data Sheet