PARAMOUNT-RPO soft film, solvent deposited, corrosion preventives oil. This fluids can be applied to the product; leaving a protective film. PARAMOUNT-RPO have excellent spreading and PARAMOUNT-RPO can be applied either by dipping or by spraying. The protective films of PARAMOUNT-RPO can be removed by wiping off with rags/waste soaked in kerosene/mineral turpentine or by alkaline degrease or solvent decreasing methods. PARAMOUNT-RPO comply to IS: 1154 specifications.

Recommended Use

PARAMOUNT-RPO offers a soft, tacky, oily film of good mechanical strength which can withstand subsequent handling. The product has wide application for protection of components with high degree of finish, in machine shops and heavy machinery and plant manufacture - e.g. tools, fasteners, strips, etc. It has excellent resistance to salt spray and hence can be applied on components to be freighted by sea. PARAMOUNT-RPO thin film type corrosion preventives. PARAMOUNT-RPO - leaves soft oily films and is recommended for protection of tools, fasteners which have high degree of finish


*Cost Effective. * Eco-friendly Oil.


50 & 200 Ltr. Plastic Drum.

Material Safety Data Sheet