For 2 Hour Fire Rated Duct Work System


STARCOAT-CRC is a Primer/Top coating-To safeguard/provides protection against Fire & Heat protection for all structural steel work, walk ways old and new, ladders, kitchen ventilation and exhaust duct etc which have been galvanized or non galvanized. The Coating is not recommended for non ferrous materials, stainless steel and plastic or plastic coated materials.

Recommended Use

Suitable for use in both old and new steel structure. It can be used as a top coat including kitchen and ventilation duct, offshore structures, petrochemical & chemical complexes, pipelines, fertilizers industries, MS. bridges, and power Industry etc.


Fire retardant (Conform to BS 476 part 6&7, Class 'O' material) Excellent Heat Resistance upto 1000 degree celsius. Water & Chemical Resistant. Excellent impact & abrasion resistance. Very easy application by brush & roller Fast drying Suitable for metal and concrete


STARCOAT-CRC in 20 kg Plastic Pail

Material Safety Data Sheet